We’re always here to help, but we’ve also gathered a bunch of tools to help you manage your own finances and plan for your financial future.

Business Vehicle - Buy or Lease?

You have likely asked yourself this question before when you needed a new or replacement vehicle. Do I pocket more after-tax money with a purchase or a lease? Use the calculator here to decide.


IRS Rate or Actual Expenses for Home-Office Tax Deduction?

You may use the new IRS optional method or the actual-expense method to calculate your home-office tax deduction. But what’s the best method for you? Which method puts the most money in your pocket? To compare both methods and figure out which is best, use this deduction calculator:

IRS Mileage Rate vs. Actual Expenses?

Individuals and Schedule C taxpayers may use IRS mileage rates to deduct business vehicles. Corporations may use the IRS standard mileage rates to reimburse employees for corporate business use of their personal vehicles, but a corporation may not use the IRS mileage method to deduct its corporate-owned vehicles. Alternatively, you may use the actual expenses method to deduct your business vehicles. Which method is better for you?

Rental Property Analyzer

We can help you analyze the profitability of a potential rental property investment and get a solid answer. The Rental Property Analyzer uses the after-tax adjusted rate-of-return formula to produce an after-tax number that we gross up to make it comparable to your pretax safe rate. You can take a complicated rental property investment and break it down into one single rate of return that you can compare with other investments.

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